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So here’s the scoop about buying new gear and what to focus on.

There’s a number of places to review the latest in skis, boots and bindings, I happen to like: https://www.skimag.com/gear

Ski Mag rates a variety of ski types for men & women and they divide the skis into helpful categories: All Mountain, Deep Snow, Hard Snow and Front-side.

From my ski teaching experience and talking to hundreds of clients as well as fellow lift-riders, what do most people want to talk about?  Skis.  In my mind, what should they be talking about?  Boots.  And more specifically boot fit!

If you’re thinking of dropping some cash on new gear, before you rush out to buy a new pair of skis, I’d head into a ski specialty shop (not a big box store when you’re talking boots) with your boots and before deciding on skis or boots spend some time with the boot fitter.  Why?  Because if you’re serious about improving your skiing, start with your feet!

  1. Are the soles on your boots safe or have you worn the toes and heels down so much they won’t be a safe “fit” with your bindings?
  2. Many people buy their boots, especially their very first pair way to big and the more you ski in them the more the liner packs out and voila, you’re already too big a boot is even bigger now and your foot is swimming in your boot.  Not good.
  3. If your boot isn’t too big and they are safe to use with your binding.  The next thing the boot-fitter should focus on is your stance and alignment.  Now, if you went about it “the right way” when you bought your boots, at a minimum you purchased something like a Superfeet footbed. Even better?  You dug deep into your wallet / pocketbook and spent the $175+ on a set of custom footbeds.  A properly made footbed can make a world of difference in your skiing!

So, before you make the decision to buy a new pair of skis, and who doesn’t love a new pair of skis…get your boots and stance checked out, you’ll be glad you did.